Facebook Page Events: EASY Creative Ideas!

Facebook Page EventsAre you using Facebook Events?

Maybe you’re not using this awesome Facebook Page feature because you don’t want to host local (or “in person”) events.

Keep reading… because I’m going to share creative ways to use Facebook Events to easily increase your Facebook Page engagement – without hosting actual events or meetups. :)

If you ARE hosting meetups or events in certain locations, one of the cool features is the ability for people to subscribe so they get notifications when you announce an event near them:

Facebook Page Events

Nice, right? :)

As with all Page updates, Facebook gives you the option to advertise or “Boost” your event – and tailor the audience, even by location. This makes your event marketing easier! And you even get Insights (statistics) which makes it easy to track the exposure & engagement of your event.

Of course, you want to encourage your audience to subscribe to your Events so they automatically get notifications. This is just smart organic marketing. You simply add the word “events” after your Facebook Page URL to get to your Events page, then you can share that link in an update – like this example:

Facebook Page Events Subscribe Button

I enjoy hosting meetups and get-togethers around the world, and I’m taking my business offline more and more lately. It’s just one of the ways I monetize my life as a niche blogger. There are lots of options: free or paid meetups, speaking at events, hosting your own topical events or mini-conferences, hosting a group on Meetup.com, book signings, workshops, you name it…

Creative Ways To Host Events – Without Hosting Events

You may not want to host offline events, and that’s perfectly okay. There are still plenty of ways to use the Facebook Page Events feature to engage your audience.

You can set up Facebook Events on your Page for:

  • Webinars
  • Telesummits
  • Podcast Episodes
  • Product Launches
  • Product Releases
  • Topical Q&A Chats

The ideas are endless really. An Event Page gives you a central location to invite people to participate and discuss something specific within your business. In addition to discussing your upcoming Webinar on your Facebook Page, you can invite people to the “event”. This will give them a place to post questions, talk to each other, discuss the webinar, get notification when you share tips/ideas or the webinar replay, etc.

Facebook Event MarketingIt also places the “event” on your Events Page (example) where people can easily browse all of your current and past events and check out the links/topics.

If you only posted that to your Page, it would scroll off pretty quickly over time. By also posting it as an Event, you keep it front and center – easy to find and enjoy. :)

If you podcast regularly, it is a great way to archive individual episodes on Facebook – in a place where people can discuss that specific episode, and see any links or resources that you share (on the Event page) related to that episode.

For a product release, you might do a “Pre-Release Event” where you engage your audience and give them perks (bonuses, discounts, etc) for participating in a Q&A or open discussion about the product before it’s public release.

The ideas are endless really…

Note: You CAN back-date events, or create events for earlier dates, so this is a great way to populate your Events Page with things you’ve done recently.

Here’s a Live Example of a virtual Open Q&A “Event”

Feel free to subscribe to my Events, or if you eat low carb you can also check out my Low Carb Events too. Both will serve as live examples, as I continue to host more and more offline and virtual events via Facebook.

I would love to hear your thoughts, or creative ways YOU use (or plan to use) the Events feature on your Facebook Page. Leave a comment & let’s discuss!


p.s. Social Marketing is HUGE, and it’s such an EASY way to boost your business (and your conversions)… fast. You can forget about “getting traffic” and focus instead on building an audience. And more specifically: building micro-audiences on a variety of platforms and in a variety of ways.

That’s the topic of our Elite Challenge in my Private Brainstorming Group this month, by the way: Building Your Audience. You should join us! When you do, you’ll get my Social Marketing Results course FREE. :)


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