Massaging Recliner Office Chair – Amazing!

Massage ReclinerAs part of my Home Office Makeover, I needed a new office chair for one of my workstations. I had a recliner at that desk before, but it broke after years of hard use (lol). I find reclining at your desk – either with a pullout keyboard tray, or the keyboard on your lap – to be MUCH better on your neck and back long term.

Given I’m dealing with a knot in my shoulder and a pinched nerve, I decided to get this reclining massage chair. :)

It arrived MUCH faster than expected, based on the expected delivery date. I got it within the same week… and the shipping was FREE on this chair.

If you’ve never tried reclining at your desk… you should. It’s a much more ergonomic position to work in – meaning it’s way more comfortable, and helps you avoid repetitive stress or injury to your body.

I’ve been far too many months without a recliner at my desk. That’s a setup I started more than a decade ago, and one that I LOVE. I once had a U-shaped workstation with all three pieces side by side, and a couch in front of it with a recliner on each end. That was great when I had an assistant working for me in my home office. :) She loved it!

This particular chair was surprisingly easy to assemble, which I worried about based on some of the reviews. It went together super quick, and works GREAT.

Office Chair Assembly

(My son and a friend of his put the chair together in a few short minutes!)

Office Chair Massage RemoteThe massage feature is amazing!

The Amazon description says it has 5 pre-programmed massage settings, but mine has NINE. I like #1 and #9 the best. :)

There are also five levels of intensity to the massage. I like the lowest, but the higher end is great for a few minutes here and there too.

There’s a HEAT option, which is great if you want to apply heat. Or especially great for the colder months.

The only possible downside to the massage feature is the noise, but I rather like it – it’s a nice “white noise” that actually drowns out other (distracting) noises.

This chair IS lower to the ground than some standard office chairs, and there is no height adjustment. It’s the *perfect* height for my smaller desk that has a pullout keyboard tray – or if you’re working on a laptop in your lap. But it’s too short for my higher L-shaped office desk. Just FYI – check the dimensions and do your measurements when choosing the ideal office chair! Shop Office Chairs

It doesn’t have wheels, but it does swivel so it’s easy to get in and out of at a desk. It’s also super lightweight (which also surprised me) so it’s easy to move around.

Click Here To Read The Amazon Reviews

It has great reviews on Amazon (4/5) with almost half the reviews being 5 Star.

Having used this chair for a few days now, I disagree with some of the lower reviews. The chair has great support, it’s sturdy (even though it’s lightweight and easy to move around), my ottoman doesn’t have any “give” – it’s sturdy as well. And by the way – the massage extends to the ottoman, giving you a nice calf massage TOO. :)

One of the reviews said it’s not good for short people. That person was 5’2″. I’m 5’5″ (with shoes on, lol). That same review said it wasn’t soft or comfortable either, so I disagree on all three points. It’s quite plush compared to my traditional Broyhill office chair at my other desk.

Some of the other super low reviews were based on damage during shipping, or something not working. Fortunately it comes with a 2 year warranty on most parts (not usual wear & tear, I’m sure) and they link to that right on the Amazon page along with their phone number, stating replacement parts will ship within 24 hours.

All said and done, after much research I might add – and a strong recommendation by my chiropractor, I am THRILLED with this chair. The price was great considering all the features (and the FREE shipping), and compared to what I’ve paid for other decent office chairs over the years. This one gets 6 out of 5 stars from me. :)

Reclining Massage Chair


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