My Own List of Basic Office Organization and Home Office Supplies

This month I’m getting my home office together and doing basic office organization. The goal: a more streamlined workflow and increased productivity! It’s already working. :)

Since you’re following along with this project, I wanted to share the things I ordered yesterday. Just a few standard home office supplies really, with a few add-ons. Like this Dr. Seuss “Oh the Places You’ll Go” Mug … to remind me why I do the things I do. (And because I need serious amounts of coffee for this project!)

Here’s are the new home office supplies I ordered, and WHY…

Magazine Organizers

For my growing magazine collection: 5 Magazine Organizers, Assorted colors

I use niche mags to scout for new affiliate programs, and sponsors & brands to work with. :) Why? Because they are currently paying to be in front of my target market. I also scout the articles for influencers, bloggers, authors, etc in my market.

See: Make Money With Brands

LOL – For obvious reasons:

Endust Aerosol Duster, 2-Pack

This stuff is GREAT for cleaning electronics and gadgets, all the little crevices in your printer, your tripod stand or continuous lighting kit etc.

It beats the heck out of dirtying up cloths, or worse: trying to use cleaner & Q-tips! 😛

On that note, see my office cleaning tips in the Clutter Control Checlist post.

My advice: Start from the top down!

I’m a big fan of the OXO brand, so I ordered these on Amazon as well:

I have a huge home office, located in the sunroom – which is full of windows, and blinds to clean. lol. These have great reviews (OXO is a GREAT brand!), they’re washable, and they are ideal for keeping that desk and all of your screens dusted off… without having to use icky chemical sprays!

For those times I want to shoot a video without cleaning up the clutter behind me… :) 4 Four Panel Shoji Screen Cherry Finish

4 Panel Shoji Screen for Video Backdrop

I also got this one, just because it’s PRETTY: 4×6 Photo Folding Screen

Because loose papers everywhere… SUCKS:

Swingline 3 Hole Punch, LightTouch, High Capacity

High Capactiy 3 Hole Punch - Home Office Supplies

And to go with that, I also grabbed some new binders:

I really like the binders I can customize, so I KNOW what’s in them!

Because it’s pretty, and because I got the new 12″ Gold Macbook Pro when it came out :)

Premium Quality PU Leather with Microfiber Cover Case for Apple New Macbook 12″ Laptop

(I may have gotten distracted while shopping for office supplies – lol)

Because I’m seriously out of sight out of mind: Mesh Stacking Sorter, 5-Section

(For the binders above – so they have a place!)

I bought this earlier this year, and really LOVE it: Luxury Art Bookends

It’s beautiful on my desk. :)

… and it keeps the books I’m currently reading right at hand (instead of being scattered around everywhere). The rest of my books are making their way back to my bookshelf as we speak, and I’m organizing them all by topic. But I’m saving the top left shelf for “books to read next”…

(I really need a new bookshelf too, on that note -lol)

Get Rid Of The Clutter & Paper Piles!

I’ve been SO much more productive and efficient since I moved away from paper and started using Evernote.

You can use it for everything from tasks and ideas, to keeping a running grocery list, and even to outline your books & products! It syncs across every device you own automatically, and it’s free to use.

You’ll never lose notes or ideas again!

Consider all the papers and/or notebooks on your desk now. If those ideas and notes were in Evernote, you could easily use the SEARCH feature to find anything super fast. It’s clean, organized, efficient – and a huge time saver!

I’m debating on this one – so I just have it in my wishlist at the moment:

Rubbermaid 12-Slot Organizer, 21W x 11 3/4″”D x 16″”H, Black (1738583)

Organize Your Desk

I’ll finish organizing and rearranging my home office… then I’ll decide if I need it, and where it would go. The last thing I need is something else in the way or something else to dust (lol), so I’m being VERY selective about what I add to my office space.

I hope this gives you some ideas to better organize your desk and workspace.

For more great Office Organization tips & tricks, see:

Checklist For Organizing Your Digital Files

Office Clutter Control Checklist

I would love to hear your favorite home office supplies, or what YOU use for basic office organization. Leave a comment & share!

Next, I’ll give you my entire “Home Office Inventory” and a quick tour – what I use in my daily business, and how it all works together…


p.s. Need a Strategy Session to get your business organized? Get on the fast-track to success! Secure it now, then schedule it anytime before the end of the year. Or just join us in the Private Brainstorming Group! It’s a much better deal, with long-term hands-on help – and an awesome group with tons of perks. :)

p.p.s. While shopping, I ran across this (lol) – that’s just FUNNY:

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The "Get Your Shit Together Note Pad"* Same shit, different day? Problem solved; with this pad you can easily track…

Posted by Lynn Terry on Thursday, July 16, 2015


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