The 10 Books On My Desk Today

This weekend (Sunday) is Book Lovers Day, so I thought I’d share the last 10 business books I ordered from Amazon, which are all currently on my desk. These are not my “Top 10” – just my most recent additions.

What are you reading right now, or what were your last 3 books?

I’d love to hear your favorites, or what you’re currently reading!

Here’s the text list of the books above:

I said there were 10, but there are only 9 images above. The 10th is the InnerGuide Planner to the right, which I discussed in this video.

(Did you get a chance to see that one yet??)

My latest book buys should give you some ideas about my plans for the rest of the year, and moving forward. :) The two books by Joseph Murphy are for personal reading. I love topics that make you THINK, or empower & motivate.

The rest will give you an idea where my focus lies right now with marketing online…

I look forward to hearing what you’re reading!



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