Truth Talk: Is This Internet Marketing Stuff… Impossible or Unrealistic?


I’ve had some interesting discussions over the last few days, especially after sending out a message titled Earn 10x your money in 30 days – Guaranteed. :) It’s an outrageous guarantee, no doubt. I was actually shocked when I saw it…

It brings up a great topic though, and I’d love to just discuss this publicly and openly. Here’s a response I got earlier today on the topic:

“They say they guarantee you will earn X in a month “if you follow these steps.” That’s the catch: They make the steps humanly impossible to follow in that amount of time, so almost no one can get their money back because they couldn’t follow the steps.”

You may have felt that way yourself, not just with the offer we were discussing but with other things you’ve run across online. So I’ll share my response with you, and my thoughts on the topic – because I think this will make for a GREAT discussion.

IS it impossible?

I understand that mindset or thought process, and I’m sure it’s fairly common. It’s normal to doubt an outrageous claim, and personally… I think it’s smart to have a healthy dose of skepticism – especially in the Internet Marketing space.

That said, I disagree that it’s “humanly impossible”…

Not in every case, but definitely in this particular case – with the Info Product Mastery Workshop, I mean. I say that for a few reasons. Because I invested in it myself, so I know what all is included and offered and covered. It’s definitely “doable”.

How to get around the Time and Knowledge hurdles…

One of my common (and favorite) sayings is this:

Every problem… presents an opportunity.

It’s a great frame of mind to adopt. When you experience a problem, a hurdle or a “stop point” – consider how you can use that to your advantage.

I’ve had a lot of personal experience working online (18+ years), and with product creation specifically. I’ve put together “product content” (all the content for the actual product) in a single weekend for example.

I helped a total newbie launch his first digital product when he had absolutely no recognition or presence online at all. I even used my own paypal account to process the orders. So collaboration is a viable option. There are other sites you can use to launch or release a product too, other than your own (if you don’t have one yet).

There are tons of options! You can get really creative with it, depending on what the problem is. Each problem can present an interesting and creative solution. :)

If it’s a “time problem”, sometimes you just have to suck it up and make it happen. I’m big on the “weekend lock-in” concept. Just turn off everything, buckle down and get it done. I know, I know – weekends are meant for play! But one single little weekend sacrificed could make a BIG difference long term.

If it’s an experience or knowledge problem, you have options: outsourcing, cheap help (upwork, fiverr, etc), networking and collaborating, joint ventures, or even taking on a mentor or coach to work with you through the details. There are plenty of solutions out there, depending on what you need exactly.

WAS this an “outrageous” over-the-top guarantee?

It certainly got my attention. :) Personally I think it was very confident, which I found impressive, and incredibly generous. It was smart marketing too…

The workshop itself was really good, and very practical. I got TONS of ideas just listening in, and took a lot of notes on the sales funnel / process segment.

That alone was WAY worth it to me! They also include worksheets and templates to make the process faster. They discussed partnering too, if you lack credibility or positioning in your market – like I mentioned above.

As for the guarantee, here’s the interesting thing: It set off a chain reaction in my mind. I love a good challenge! As soon as I saw that, a crazy dose of inspiration & motivation kicked in, and my mental reaction was a quick: “I accept the challenge!”

We all have ideas, more than we can ever implement even, and tons of “projects in progress” – right? But think about the times when you actually got in serious action mode and cranked one out all the way to completion. That feels amazing doesn’t it?!

YES! I love those hyper productive phases. I thrive on them. And for whatever reason, this “30 day window” or “outrageous guarantee” sparked exactly that in me.

What’s even more cool… is that I know there are a certain number of people taking this same workshop that will be releasing awesome products in the next 30 days.

That means potential JV partners, new products to review and promote as an affiliate, and tons of other opportunities in the making. I love the idea of being part of something bigger – and am definitely seeing opportunity in that. :)

A cool note Alice & Ron sent out about creating products…

We were recently asked why it’s so hard to get that first information product out there.

If you’re in the same boat, trying to get it done, but it doesn’t seem to get done… it might be because you’re worried that everything has to be perfect before you start selling.

Well, guess what? You can even start selling your product before you create it. Yes, you read that right. It’s one of the most motivating and surefire ways to get your product out there because if you sit and wait for perfection, you might be waiting forever.

We’ll show you how to do this. If you want your next product up and selling in the next 30 days, please get yourself on the student list here. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and make it happen, we’ll get you there.

​To your success,

Alice and Ron


P.S. One of the biggest reasons people never launch their info product is that they over-complicate things. Whether it’s about creating the product, the technology you need to sell it or how you’re going to get customers to buy it, it’s always easier when you keep things simple.

If you’re tired of over-complicating things, join us. We’ve got you covered.

She’s right…

I say “she” because I’m pretty sure it was Alice Seba that wrote that email (not Ron) because I know them both well enough to tell their voices, even in plain text. :)

Anyway, it’s true about preselling your product, because I’ve done that before myself, and that model works wonders.

Especially in terms of “putting you on the hook” to GET IT DONE.

The real point I hope you take away from this conversation is that anything is possible, and that every possible problem or challenge you can imagine… is actually just a great opportunity for creative solution brainstorming!

Let’s discuss it! What problems, challenges or hurdles are you experiencing right now? Or maybe you can just toss me a random one that you’ve experienced in the past, maybe something that stopped you from getting results, or from following through on an awesome idea.

I would love to do some open brainstorming, and see what kind of creative ideas & solutions we can come up with that make things faster or more efficient for you – or at least open your mind to creative, amazing possibilities and options you might not have considered before. :)


p.s. The workshop from earlier today was recorded, with a transcript, and there’s a second call on Thursday. There’s still time to join in on the beginning of it if you want to, and get on the second live call this week. Here’s my link: join us!

Here’s what my friend Tiffany said about it:

“This was by FAR the most honest and informative course I have ever attended. I am THRILLED that I made the investment, and really excited to get started!” ~Tiffany,


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