So You Want To Do Facebook Advertising? Exclusive Discount & Awesome Bonus…

Facebook MarketingWhen the $5 Posts Quick Start Training Program was first released, I bought it.

Sadly I haven’t done anything with it. YET. That is about to change… :)

Note: I have an exclusive discount code for this program good now through Monday October 26th at Midnight Eastern. Use “lt20off” at checkout to get it for only $17!

I’ve mentioned several times that I use a purely organic marketing strategy to build my online business. I haven’t done paid advertising in at least a decade, back when Google Adwords was HOT.

So why now, and why did I pick the 5DP method? Two good reasons…

First, because Facebook Ads work. They work on ME even, lol.

As creepy as I find the whole retargeting concept, the truth is that I appreciate the recommendations and reminders – and they convert me.

I recently decided to order a pair of boots online, for example. After Facebook and Google put other related items in front of me… I spent close to $1,000 shopping online all said and done. Nice work. Smart advertising.

Second, because I have some BIG goals for this fourth quarter and leading into 2016. I’m branching out of my comfort zone and out of my norms to test some new things, and I’m looking to pad my bank account and build my lists to position myself nicely for an ambitious year ahead. :)

I tested Facebook Ads a few times earlier this year, with disappointing results. So I quit and just continued my proven organic/free methods that WORK. I know there’s HUGE opportunity there though, because they work on me (lol) and because my friends are seeing GREAT results. So I decided it’s time to master this monster…

Why did I choose the Five Dollar Posts training program? Because I love the concept of running the cheapest ads for the biggest results.

Note: I have an exclusive discount code for this program good now through Monday October 26th at Midnight Eastern. Use “lt20off” to get it for only $17! I also have an exclusive bonus you’ll receive automatically when you order through my link, which I’ll tell you more about in a second…

I also like Ron’s teaching style. It’s very practical and easy to follow. I invested in two other programs he released this year: Writers Help Wanted and Info Product Mastery.

I love the fact that he USES his own methods (successfully), and that he uses them outside the Internet Marketing niche – which really gains my respect.

Here’s what I did NOT like, and why I procrastinated on it…

The Five Dollar Posts course is very detailed video training, and includes action steps conveniently listed below each video session. I like that. Unfortunately I do NOT like video based training. I want to like it, I just don’t absorb it as well as written guides.

Call it a preference, or call it a learning disability (lol), but it’s just a fact…

I finally wanted the RESULTS bad enough that I decided to dive in and go through it, and just slug through the videos, pausing the video to implement the steps as I went.

So that’s what I started doing. It wasn’t working for me. The training is GREAT. It just takes me forever to listen & watch, understand and retain the concept, then switch back and forth between tabs trying to do it as I go.

With a written guide, I usually print it out and whiz through it with the training in my hand and my screen open to implement. I like that method SO much better. It’s just my thing. Here’s what the inside of the training looks like by the way:

Facebook Advertising Training Program


I’m so happy I could get up and dance! :) I think I did actually -lol.

Just as I was forcing myself through the first videos, I got a message from Ron that he had ALL of the videos transcribed. YAY! <- I just shouted that in my office (again). haha. This seriously makes my day!

They are not available publicly yet, but as an exclusive bonus – you can also get ALL of the PDF training guides, in addition to the extensive video training, when you order through my link. Use the coupon code lt20off to also get $20 off, and get it all for only $17. After you order, you’ll find the bonus on your download page in JVZoo.

Nice, right? :) So yes, you get $20 off AND all of the PDF training guides – in addition to everything mentioned on the sales page.

The video training is great by the way. It’s very well done. And I love that there is an Action List below each video. The whole thing is top notch. But it’s the PDF versions of the same training modules that really make this a WIN for me…

I printed them all off this afternoon, and I’m ready to sit down and rock some seriously profitable ads this weekend! :)

If you want to join me, and finally see great results with Facebook Advertising – meaning your dollars spent are a smart investment with a huge return, and not just flushed down the Facebook toilet 😛

Grab the $5 Posts Quick Start Training Program with the coupon code “lt20off“. That makes it only $17, with the PDF versions included. Sweet deal!


“Most people who attempt to use Facebook ads inevitably lose money before they figure out how to properly use the system – myself included.

It can be intimidating at first, especially when you’re burning your hard earned cash while hoping for conversions.

With this program, I hope to not only show you how to profitably run Facebook ads, but also help you avoid the costly mistakes I’ve made.

Facebook is truly a goldmine for highly targeted customer leads, but you have to learn how to properly use the power of their system to filter out the freebie seekers and pinpoint the ideal prospects for your offer.

Did you know: The more conversions you run through Facebook’s system, the better Facebook becomes at sending you the most qualified traffic for your offer. Once you’ve “seasoned” your conversion pixel, your ads start to perform a lot better. We teach you exactly how to do that.

We show you how to find highly engaged interests to target and test with a $5 a day budget for each. Then we’ll show you how to find the winners and scale those up profitably.” -Ron Douglas, Five Dollar Posts

Remember to use my link for the exclusive bonus PDF guides, and to use the coupon code “lt20off” for $20 off this weekend. I set up the bonus through my JVZoo account, so it’s currently the only way you can get the PDF training in addition to the video modules. Enjoy! :)

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