How I Lost BIG Money In My Online Business, And What I’m Doing About It…

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That conversation ^ happened this morning. :) You can click on it to read the fun discussion. I have a quirky lifestyle, but it’s an AWESOME thing – the freedom and flexibility of working online.

Which brings me to today’s topic – and how I lost BIG money…

Money Talk: Don’t Make MY Mistake…

I was making an EASY $3-5k per month (on the side! -on top of my regular business income) back in 2004. And then I quit. I was using Google Adwords. I got disgusted with some of their advertising policy changes and just let it all go.

Silly of me, I know 😯 … but we all make decisions like that sometimes. Right?

Fast forward 10 years later, and I’m finally over my aversion (lol) and ready to put that EASY INCOME back in motion!

So this weekend I am mastering Facebook Ads. It’s my TOP priority. Then I’m going to move back into Adwords with the best performing campaigns after I test, and analyze my audiences. Facebook is an awesome tool for that.

See why in this post… (lol!)

** I forgot how much I LOVE this kind of work!!

I can’t believe it took me a decade+ to get over such a minor annoyance, and how much money I LOST over an emotional decision. Seriously. That said, I’m not one for regrets. I’m all about making a decision, moving forward, and making things happen…

What’s Holding YOU Back?

Are there things you quit doing – for some silly reason, like me – that could really benefit your business if you started doing it again?

What have you quit, avoided, or not even started… over an annoyance or emotional aversion? Stop letting that hold you back. Get over it, and get in profit with something fun! Find your passion for it, and get back on a roll.

First, You Need A SOLID Foundation

Fortunately my free/organic internet marketing methods work exceptionally well. They work SO well in fact, that I haven’t needed paid ads. Thank goodness! lol :)

I’ve been working online for 18+ years. It’s my sole source of income, so I’m glad I didn’t just throw in the towel over “the changes”. That would’ve REALLY been silly.

It’s very smart to have a strong organic / passive marketing & revenue base that doesn’t require constant tweaking & management (like paid campaigns do). Then when you do paid advertising, it’s a BONUS traffic & income stream for your business – not something you’re dependent on.

I also enjoy teaching the free/easy ways. I like to keep it easy for anyone just getting started. I mentioned that recently in an email, which you can see here. You can see my free/organic marketing strategies that WORK <em(VERY well) at that link.

Learn more about my organic marketing

methods in this free download

There’s TONS of potential for business building & profit with Facebook right now though, which really appeals to me. And I do miss the fun and the challenge I used to enjoy with Adwords. It was such a great time! So I’m having a blast digging into the finer details of Facebook Advertising right now.

I’m totally geeking out on it actually!

I really struggled trying to learn it until I got my hands on the PDF version. I have made more progress in fast time just having those PDF files, than I have in weeks on end – months? – of having access to the video course.

When I'm "in the zone" and being @LynnTerry and @LowCarbTraveler at the same time… :-)

Posted by Lynn Terry on Saturday, October 24, 2015

It’s such amazing information!! But it’s all about having the right format to learn it, so I can actually dig in and implement on the fly. I now have it printed out in a binder, and I’m implementing everything on every page – as I go. I’m loving it!

That’s a great marketing lesson, by the way:

Reach your audience in a variety of formats and mediums.

Top Take-Aways From This Discussion:

  • Don’t let annoyances and aversions stop you from being successful.

…I think that’s referred to as shooting yourself in the foot.

  • Set up a solid business base that runs automatically, even when you’re away. It’s worth investing your time into. It’s what allows me to have an amazing lifestyle!
  • Don’t get stuck in ONE method of business or marketing. Methods and strategies change – a lot. Don’t put yourself in a position where a single update could tank your business, or your main stream of income.

… referred to as: don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

  • Use a lot of variety in your content and product types (and formats) to increase your reach, and to best serve your market – in a way that gets them seeing RESULTS.

Any smart business owner knows… your business THRIVES on an actively engaged market that is seeing positive results!

I hope this note finds you having a great weekend. :) I am!

I also hope you enjoyed the tips & takeaways, and the freebies.

On that note, here are some more free social media marketing tips for you. Enjoy!


Lynn Terry

p.s. I have an exclusive discount & awesome bonus on the “Five Dollar Posts Quick Start Training” for you, but it’s only good until Monday.

Join me on this and let’s see some seriously good results!! I already have a friend of mine on board, and we’re doing a “profit competition”. :)

Note: I have an exclusive discount code good now through Monday. Use “lt20off” to get it for only $17! You’ll also get the exclusive bonus automatically when you order through my link, I set up the bonus through my JVZoo account, so it’s currently the only way you can get the detailed PDF training in addition to the step-by-step video modules. Enjoy! :)

I haven’t been THIS excited about something in my business in quite awhile. And that’s saying a lot, because I truly love my work. This kind of motivation and inspiration, the kind that spurs hyper-productivity, is hard to come by though…

On the flip side, Facebook Ads WORK. Not just for growing your business and making money, but I mean: they work ON ME.

That tells me something: that I should be tapping into that!!

Here’s a great example (below), and just one of many – because I’ve spent THOUSANDS after clicking on their highly intuitive targeting – and yes, I’m now flight searching and shoe shopping. Fun! I love my lifestyle, lol… :)

Facebook Ads Work


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