How To Find GREAT Blog Post Ideas – Fast!

blog post ideas

If you want an EASY way to come up with great blog post ideas, you’ll love this tip! Not only will it give you endless content ideas, it will make blogging a total breeze. :)

“Stop Blogging, Start Talking.”

Blogging can be difficult. Talking is EASY. Especially if you love your topic! But how do you come up with those great blog post topics that you can whip out in quick time – consistently? I’ll show you!

Responding Is Easier Than Writing

When you sit down to blog, it feels like you’re talking to yourself. A one-sided conversation can be difficult. It’s much easier to respond than it is to write.

Let me show you what I mean, and how easy it is…

Step 1: Search For Niche Forums & Groups

Some of my absolute best blog posts have originated as responses to emails or discussions in forums & groups – or even phone calls. If you ENJOY your topic, you probably have no trouble talking about it if someone asks you a question.

Whether it’s in person, on the phone, via email or just a question you see somewhere on the web – the response likely comes natural for you without even thinking.

Don’t you wish blogging were that easy?! It can be. :)

Quick Exercise: Go to Google and type your niche + forum. I have a low carb blog, so I search: low carb forum.

Yes, forums are “old school”. Follow along anyway – you’ll love this exercise!

Don’t be picky. Just click on any forum you see in the results. I’ll click on the first one and just have a quick look…

That’s the whole point of this exercise, by the way: QUICK. 😉

I clicked the first result, scanned over the main page of the forum, and chose a category. I chose “New Members” then clicked on the “Newbies Questions” subforum to browse the topics:

Look for something that sparks an immediate “I know the answer to that!” response in your mind. Bingo – there’s a fast blog topic. You might look through a few threads and read the discussions to get a feel for the depth of the question, or even the state of mind of your ideal reader.

Step 2: Respond To Questions / Topics

You may find it easiest to post a reply right there in the forum. That mindset (responding) is easiest, so just click “Reply” and start typing your response in the composition window. You know your topic, so this is easy! Just type away.

This literally took me only a few short minutes because I knew I could provide a very detailed response and offer some very specific advice for the situation:

Tip: DON’T submit your reply in the forum. You may find forums you want to join, and discussions you want to respond to there, but the purpose of this exercise is to come up with quick & easy blog post ideas…

Step 3: Paste Your Response Into WordPress

After getting into “conversational mode” and typing up a quick topical reply, copy that – and go paste it into a new post on your blog.

Now you can simply edit it for a broader audience, add a good Title and some intro text – and of course include your closing and call-to-action. :) Easy!

Try it! Whip out a quick blog post… today!

Do a search on Google for a niche forum, or go to Facebook and find a group on your topic. Just use the search bar at the top and type in your topic, then on the search results page click “More” to filter it to show only Groups on that topic.

You’ll find TONS of topics, questions and discussions that may make for GREAT blog posts! Tip: Draft every single idea you like directly in WordPress. That way when you sit down to blog, you’ll have a list of drafts (and topics) to choose from.

I challenge you to give this method a try, and use it to write a blog post TODAY.

Then leave a comment with a link to your new post! :)

Maybe you already have a million blog post ideas, and your real issue is finding the TIME to blog… Struggling to find TIME to blog? Read this!

Ooh- while I was capturing that screenshot above for you, I peeked into a Low Carb Facebook Group and found the first four discussions were about groceries and organizing your refrigerator “as a low carber”. That sparked a great blog post idea!

I’m off to blog, lol… *cheers*


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